Workout2 ‘online training package’



Workout2 is a Computer Based Training and Testing tool from Create Solutions Ltd. It has been designed to be simple and easy to use, and an inexpensive solution to your training worries.

Who is it for?

All those staff involved in the distribution chain (this means Sales, Underwriting, Claims, Admin etc) and also those responsible for ensuring staff meet the requirements.

Why do you need it?

FCA Regulated firms need to meet the training requirements under the Insurance Distribution Directive. You will find details of this in the FCA Handbook rule SYSC28.2.3 – A firm must, including in relation to the relevant employee, demonstrate compliance with the following professional knowledge and competence requirements in the below areas. All those staff involved in the distribution chain need to have 15 hours CPD per year which must include the IDD requirements for ‘minimum necessary knowledge’ in the following 8 areas:

(a) Terms & Conditions of Policies offered

(b) Applicable Laws covering the Distribution of Insurance Products

(c) Claims Handling

(d) Complaints Handling

(e) Assessing Customer Needs

(f) The Insurance Market

(g) Business Ethics Standards

(h) Financial Competence

All staff should have a CPD file which documents their continuing development, and as part of Workout 2 we provide a Certificate of Accomplishment for each Module completed. You will be confident that your staff have a much improved understanding of the subject matter contained in our modules. With their awareness increased, staff will be more competent and more confident in their roles – providing a greater level of service to your customers and to your business. Workout 2 should also save you money and time. Your staff are able to take a Training course with an integrated Testing process in-house. They therefore don’t need the day out of the office travelling to wherever an organised training session is taking place. You can allocate how long you wish them to spend on the Modules and then they can get back to doing what they do best.

What are the Workout Modules?

The Workout 2 modules are specifically designed to help firms meet the IDD requirements. You may also want to view our Workout package which has some compliance and Insurance Modules in there to also assist you with your training. Modules can be used as stand-alone initial training, support modules or as a refresher. You will know and will have proof that your staff have received the same consistent message on these important topics. The Modules in brief are:

• The Claims Module

• The Complaints Module

• The Customer Module

• The Ethics Module

• The Finance Module

• The Legal Module

• The Market Module

• The Policy Module

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