Webinar: How to successfully conduct staff appraisals in the insurance industry


Date: 27th July 2020  

Time: 2pm1 hour including questions  

It is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit and retain quality staff. The Covid-19 situation means firms have to put extra focus and attention on engaging and motivating their workforce (especially as many are working from home). For some, staff performance levels have increased during this time but they may have also decreased due to external factors or lack of effective management.

We have been hit with a tidal wave of change. Changes in the business, changes in the market, change to the way we operate and big changes for our staff.

Some staff may have been furloughed and no matter what, people will remember how they have been treated by their employers during this time of change. Losing staff is very expensive. Studies show that it costs a business around 75% of a person’s annual salary when they leave you and this presentation will show why that figure is so high!  It is important that training and performance management is maintained, even though we are operating differently.

Conducting appraisals or performance reviews is key to keeping your staff on board and is just one of the good culture indicators.

Even if you are not yet a team leader or manager, this presentation can be helpful, as it will explore how you can create realistic targets with your employee.

The presentation will look from an INSURANCE perspective on how best to set objectives for staff, how frequently meetings between staff and their manager should occur, how to run a development plan alongside the appraisal process and very essentially making sure those that perform well are appropriately rewarded.

If appraisals are done well then there should be NO surprises for the member of staff or their manager at the end of the year.

This presentation is appropriate for those who are responsible for  staff, team leaders, managers, trainers and HR.

Learning objectives:

•         Understand the cost of losing staff to the business

•         Understand how to set SMART objectives within the insurance industry

•         Understand how best to timetable staff appraisals and interim reviews

•         Understand the importance of setting staff development plans that run alongside the targets set

•         Understand the importance of rewarding appropriately

About the Trainer:

The presentation will be delivered by Alan Chandler who is one of the most popular presenters in the UK insurance market and delivers many seminars for the local institutes.

To Book:

  • Please note the maximum number of attendees is 3 per firm (if you need more then please let us know and we will let you know if we have any spare places due to cancellations)
  • We will not be sending you a booking form for the webinar as it is a FREE webinar. However if you are unable to attend please let us know in advance so that we can offer your place to another person.
  • To book, please send the names and email addresses to claire@createsolutions.co.uk
  • The webinar will be delivered via ZOOM and log in details will be sent in advance of the session.
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