Training & Competence

In addition to providing compliance consultancy to firms, we also help firms with the training and development of their staff.

From our experience, many firms worry about this.

Questions that arise are:

What exactly do we have to do? Are we doing too much? Are we doing enough?  How do we prove our staff are competent? How much time should we spend on it?  What will it cost? Are we compliant?

In addition to helping firms design, implement and review their T&C programmes, we

  • Provide training to people who are new to insurance
  • We offer General Insurance technical training (at various levels)
  • Compliance workshop for Approved Persons and Senior Management  to help them understand  their responsibilities and requirements under the FCA rules and regulations
  • Face to Face training for staff on essential key compliance and regulatory topics
  • Management, Supervisory and Team Leader training
  • On line training and development.

Whatever your questions, we can help you.

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