The FCA Code of Conduct for staff….On your marks, get set….

Date: Wednesday 5th August 2020

Time: 10.00am (the session will last approx. 45 mins) and we suggest you allow 1 hour

Delivery: Via Zoom (Details will be sent to you once you have booked your place)

Our August 2020 “Bitesize” compliance session will look at this important topic. As you know, the code of conduct applies to almost all staff from 9th December 2020. (Even if the FCA allow a short extension this will only be in ‘extraordinary circumstances’)

Now is the time to put your plans in place. This Bitesize session will look at:

  • The Code of Conduct?
  • What is it and what it means for firms?
  • Why is it being introduced?
  • What firms need to do and by when?
  • Delivering the training
  • Breaches of Code of Conduct – The impact on the firm and staff member
  • How it impacts on other areas of your business… and are they ready?– e.g. HR, Training, Monitoring, Compliance, Reporting etc.
  • How we can help?

Who should attend: Senior managers, those with prescribed responsibilities and those who have responsibilities for the delivery, roll out and monitoring of Code of Conduct within the firm. Please ensure you pass this invite onto the right people within your organisation.

To book: please contact with the names of the delegates.

There is no charge for this session for Create Solutions clients.  We are providing these in place of our face to face workshops and ensuring that we work with you on important topics and continue to keep you informed during this time of change.


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