Workout ‘online training package’


Workout is a Computer Based Training and Testing tool from Create Solutions Ltd. It has been designed to be simple and easy to use, and an inexpensive solution to your training worries.

Who is it for?

Staff who work for Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Claims Management Companies, or require an understanding of the Insurance Industry as part of their role will benefit from Workout.

It is not just for customer facing staff either, whether they be call centre staff, telesales operators, complaints or claims department staff. Admin and back-office staff will get as much benefit.

It should be an essential part of induction training for staff at all levels, not just people who are new to the industry, and it will support your own internal training programme.

Why do you need it?

You need trained, confident, competent staff. You also need to prove the competency of your staff.

We believe Workout will fulfil an important part of any company’s CPD requirements. You will be confident that your staff have a much improved understanding of the subject matter contained in our modules. Workout should also save you money and time. Your staff are able to take a Training course with an integrated Testing process in-house.

What are the Workout Modules?

The Compliance Modules are:

  • Understanding Regulation
  • Data Protection
  • Understanding Complaints
  • Financial Crime
  • Treating Customers Fairly
  • Vulnerable Customers

The Insurance Modules are:

  • Basics of Insurance
  • Insurance Principles 1 – Indemnity & Insurable Interest
  • Insurance Principles 2 – Utmost Good Faith, Disclosure & Misrepresentation
  • Insurance Principles 3 – Proximate Cause, Subrogation & Contribution

We also provide Bespoke Modules. These can be based on whichever subject you desire. We have provided Bespoke Modules based on new Insurance products to give the staff who will be selling the product a thorough understanding of its target market, the cover – inclusions and exclusions, how the product works, who the provider is and how to sell it.

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Please visit  the Workout Matters website for further details and to take a free trial module