Well done to Tracy….


We would all like to say a MASSIVE WELL DONE  to Tracy, once again she has completed the challenge of living on £1 a day, this time for 28 days! Tracy has raised over £1,100 for Destiny Garden School.

In 2016, she raised over £2,000 for the School by living on £1 a day for 21 days and this time, she raised the stakes by extending the challenge to a gruelling 28 days.

It is a fantastic cause Destiny Children a UK Charity that supports Destiny Garden School in Mombasa, Kenya. Destiny Children raises funds to help provide a better future for the children at Destiny Garden School, Mombasa, Kenya by securing them a good education and the basic welfare they need to survive. They do this primarily through the sponsorship programme, which provides the school with a steady regular income.

A huge thank you everybody that supported Tracy through this ambitious challenge.

Just Giving…


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