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“Brave New World”

Save the Date - Compliance Update Workshop  4th December 2019

Start 9.00am registration 9.30 start – 12.30pm

Venue: King Street Townhouse, Manchester

 The theme of the event is “A Brave New World”

The General Insurance Industry is now entering a brave new world. On the 9th December the Senior Managers’ regime will apply to all firms authorised by the FCA.

By now all our clients will be ready for the transition. They will have the correct senior managers in place and statements of responsibility written and filed away.

This is just the beginning. Next year Senior Managers will be more accountable for what happens in their business.

This workshop will cover the following:-

  •  What the FCA have been up to this year – a recap
  • What will happen next year
  • What the Senior Mangers regime will mean in practice
  • How the code of conduct applies
  • What it will mean for staff next year
  • Governance failures – case study examples
  • Culture failures – case study examples

A light breakfast will be served. Our clients are also invited to join us for a Christmas drink and refreshments afterwards in the bar.

Please also let us know if you have any special dietary/other requirements.

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