About Us

As our name Create Solutions implies, we are a company that is used to solving problems. We understand that insurance businesses are not all the same. The insurance market is ever changing. We have to be innovative to succeed and our business models need to change to keep ahead of the game and having the customer at the heart of the journey is the key.  This also applies to us at Create Solutions. We have first-hand experience at helping firms though the regulatory maze. What our clients really do find valuable is that they have a friendly person to phone talk to who understands their business and the challenges they face. They also receive a quick response from us to their questions or queries. No matter how simple or complex they may be. Some firms have their own internal compliance departments and benefit from our external support. Others need guiding through the whole process from authorisation to setting up their regulatory procedures, systems and controls, documentation reviews, complaint procedures and staff training. We offer a range of services from helping new firms with the FCA application process, to health checks, workshops, training and on-going compliance support and updates. We do not force a one size fits all approach on our clients.